Learning Services

Workshops are any professional development class that NYSCATE offers that does not lead to a certification or prepare for a certification exam. Currently we offer workshops on the following: Virtual Reality, BreakoutEDU, Expeditions, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teacher Academy, Microsoft Trainer Academy, Microsoft Office 365

NYSCATE works to help prepare educators for the certifications they need to continue their mission of bringing the latest technology into the classroom. Certifications are one or two-day professional development opportunities for educators to get informed of the material that they will need to know in order to be successful on a particular examination they are interested in taking.

Special events hosted by NYSCATE. These may be either alone or with a company partner, with the goal to provide webinars, special roadshows, lunch-and-learns, or other pilot opportunities to our members.

NYSCATE prepares educators with what they need to continue their mission of bringing the latest technology into the classroom through online opportunities as well as face to face. Our variety of webinars allows all educators to learn and participate from the comfort of their own home or school district.

Conferences are specific events in a region around a specific theme. Conferences usually have a local committee that provides the focus, location, presenters, session agenda, and schedule. NYSCATE will partner to be the main sponsor providing the budget and collecting registration. Agenda and content will change based on the event location and committee. Pricing for conferences will always be different based on length, content, and location. We are always looking for passionate educators to present at our conferences. If you are interested in presenting, please contact us today.