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Generative AI:  Creating a Professional Development Plan for Classroom Use.

Join us for a session on how to provide professional learning to your teachers around Generative AI. Josh Culwell-Black from the Chappaqua School District will share how his team has been preparing his teachers to successfully utilize ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools for the classroom. Hear about his PL plan, which includes faculty meetings, in-service courses, and online learning. The session will showcase successful professional learning practices that the district has used to integrate ChatGPT and Generative AI in the classroom. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their own plans with the group.


  • Alana Winnick, Educational Technology Director, Pocantico Hills CSD

  • Cameron Fadjo, PhD, Assistant Superintendent, Pleasantville UFSD

  • Josh Culwell-Block, Director of Technology, Innovation and Mathematics, Chappaqua CSD

March 27

7-8 pm

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Past Conversations

General Information Session

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived. In this informational session, we highlight the major elements of Generative AI. What is generative AI and what are the biggest problems that arise from it? What are the opportunities? What are the risks? In this informational session, we will introduce educators to the idea of generative AI and explore some of the ways that teachers can approach this revolutionary technology.

  • Facilitators:

    • Alana Winnick, Educational Technology Director, Pocantico Hills CSD

    • Dr. Cameron Fadjo, Assistant Superintendent, Pleasantville CSD

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The Impact of AI on Art, Design, and Music

Join us as we explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and the creative arts. In this informative session for all educators and administrators, we will provide both valuable insights into how AI is rapidly changing the landscape of education and offer a glimpse into how art-oriented generative AI tools will impact and shape the future, the industry, and education. 

Guest presenter Tim Needles will share his personal and professional experience as an artist, educator, and author of STEAM Power: Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum. He is a technology integration specialist and teaches art/media at Smithtown School District and Five Towns College. He has been teaching about and using artificial intelligence for the last 5 years in the fine arts, video, and creative design areas.

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